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My passion is not only in helping people achieve their goals, but also educating them enough to be able to do it on their own

About Me

Kris-about me

Hello, I am a Norwegian born, Australian raised Personal Trainer based in Oslo Norway. I have worked successfully with many international clients around the world. I am also a certified and registered Professional Hypnotherapist with the IICT, a Sports Nutritionist with the ISSN, a published author and Corporate Speaker.

I have recently relocated back after to Oslo after the last 4 years on the Gold Coast. Prior to that I spent 3 years personal training in Shanghai. Whilst in China, I was able to work with all socio-economic groups ranging from CEO’s to struggling students, I found a plan that suited them both time-wise as well as financially.

Prior to China I had trained contestants from the Australian “Biggest Loser” as well as helping people to compete in figure and body building competitions.

I hold various titles in bodybuilding ranging from Mr Australia to Mr Universe as well as being inducted into the Australian Hall of fame as a Bodybuilding Legend.

I have also been a senior personal training lecturer and teacher with the Australian Institute of Fitness, Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and now the owner of World Gym Personal Training. Through my school, I teach and certify people to become qualified personal trainers. So my passion is not only in helping people achieve their goals, but also educating them enough to be able to do it on their own.

I have a deep and comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology. So I know what it takes to achieve your goals, and also have extensive experience working with all ages and abilities ranging from 6yr olds to 70yr olds, blind, learning impaired as well as other disabled people.

I have made fitness a major part of my life now. But it wasn’t always like that. I spent 5 years at university studying graphic design and working for several years at an advertising agency. But to lead a fit lifestyle doesn’t take too much effort. In fact it is far from what most people expect. And the rewards are amazing.

Living in Norway, we are able to have a very active lifestyle. So make sure you can make the most out of this lifetsyle and be the BEST you!

There are many trainers out there that can give you a great workout, make you feel the burn and exhausted afterwards, but is that what it takes to get you where you want to be?

I want our personal training sessions to be more than just me telling you to “lift this” and “push that”.
I want you to know WHY you are doing it and I want you to know in as simple terms (or as complex as you like) why this is good and that is not as effective.

Hopefully my knowledge and passion will rub off on you and you will get bitten by the fitness bug.

Contest History

2nd NABBA Mr Victoria Novice
3rd NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Novice
3rd WFF Mr Victoria Class 1
2nd WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1
2nd WFF Mr Australia Class 1
2nd IFBB Mr Victoria Classic
1st IFBB Mr Australia Classic
1st WFF Mr International Class 1 and Overall
2nd WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1
5th WFF Mr Universe Superbody Under 30
2009 (see the contest pics in the gallery below)
1st WFF Mr International Class 1 and Overall
1st WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1 and Overall 1st WFF Mr Universe Superbody Under 35 and Overall
1st WFF Mr Australia Class 1 and Overall
1st WFF Mr World Superbody Under 35 and Overall
2010 (see the contest pics in the gallery below)
1st NABBA Mr Victoria Class 1
1st NABBA Mr Australia Class 1
Inaugural WFF Hall of Fame Australian Legend Award
1st NABBA Mr International Class 1
1st NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1


NABBA Vics Melbourne Australia 10th October 2010

WFF Mr Australia Sydney 11th October 2009

WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Gold Coast-Southport 24th May 2009

WFF Mr Universe Fulda – Germany

WFF Mr World Lebach Germany 31th October 2009


The Viking’s 9 Secrets to Success – How the Viking became a Legend

A refreshing and inspirational corporate speaker that will change the way people think about motivation, well done Kris you truly are a legend.
– George Manolis CEO and founder of Synergy For Success

Kristian shows that the ideas, strategies and principles of smart, hard training are not just applicable to winning world titles. They can be used as powerful tools to a successful business and an amazing life. He uses his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and applies it in a very unique and innovative way. Culminating into 9 principles he used to dominate the bodybuilding scene for many years, this book can help you take control of your organisation and life. They will help you set goals and give you confidence to conquer the world in whatever field you desire.

Affectionately known as the Viking, Kristian has solidified himself in Australia’s fitness and physique world as an official legend. Winning Mr Universe and Mr World, Kristian is a gifted speaker and admired role model. Presenting for over 10 years, he has worked as a senior presenter with the AIF, AIPT and now his own personal training academy, World Gym Personal Training.

Respected and admired for his work ethic and indomitable self-belief, he has become one of Australia’s leading physique and fitness consultants, as a published author, columnist and international trainer working with people all over the world including contestants from the Australia’s Biggest Loser.

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