ACE SUTTON’s Journey to Victory

2015 Competition Season Wrap Up

Season B had seen some amazing results across INBA and NABBA/WFF QLD titles.

ACE SUTTON has come back with some big improvements from season A shows. Placing 4th in INBA First Timers and 3rd in Novice in April 2015, he blew everyone away with his improvements.

Taking out INBA Novice and then WINNING Mens OPEN class 2! Then taking is natural freaky physique to the next day into the NABBA QLD state titles and coming 2nd against the BIG boys in class 3.

AARON WATSON has made some massive changes this year and made his debut in the NABBA Jnrs. He came a very respectable 2nd with the most impressive legs in his line up!

TEANNA BORN also made her stage debut in the WFF Fitness Model Jnr division. She went on to win the OVERALL and has the look perfect for fitness.

Now we take the trip south to MELBOURNE for the NABBA/WFF nationals. GO ACE, AARON AND TEANNA

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2014 Competition Season Wrap Up

TEAM VIKING has wrapped up the comp season with a great results. It started with the NABBA/WFF QLD state titles. All but two were first timers to the stage and ALL did us very proud! Big congratulations to Brent Kiemann for taking out NABBA Opens Men’s Class 3 and Damiano Giammatteo for placing 3rd in NABBA Opens Men’s Class 1.

Also competing for the first time and looking amazing was both Emily Anderson and Preet Ortiz in WFF Fitness. Caitlin Levier in WFF Bikini, Nicole Burton in NABBA Figure Novice and Jedd Ully in NABBA Men’s Novice

The classes were filled with many great competitors and it was great to see my guys all make their debut on the stage.

Next saw TEAM VIKING take the trip to Tasmania for the NABBA Nationals. The team looked great and i was very proud of their improvements. Brent Kiemann placed 3rd in NABBA Class 3. On the same day in Queensland the AMAZING Abby Woods took out the Tall Class Open IFBB Figure Miss Queensland title.

So very proud of all the guys achievements and there couldn’t have been a prouder coach there that day!


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