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Welcome to International Personal Training, delivering the most up to date and customized lifestyle training for both the body and the mind

About us

Welcome to International Personal Training, an Oslo, Norway based personal training service which caters to everyone’s health and fitness needs. I deliver the most up to date and customized lifestyle training for people that are looking to make improvements in their quality of life.

Through a sound base of anatomy and physiology along with proven hypnotic techniques, we can go about changing the mindset and breaking old and ineffective patterns of training and diet. This will then unlock amazing new potential and kick start successful, consistent and continual progress on the road to being the person you’ve always dreamed you could be.

As an international trainer, I am working with people from all around the world, delivering PT both in person, and online. I have many options available in my training plans and diet page for you to implement right away. What ever the option that suits you, I will do my best to give you what you need, how you need it and when you need it to make you achieve all your fitness goals.

Ask yourself

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you belong to a gym, but find it impossible to motivate yourself to go?

Are you confused with all the conflicting information in the media on what is the best option your body type or fitness goal?

Are you disappointed with the results of all your current workouts? Have you hit a plateau or brick wall in your training and don’t know what to do next?

Do you currently not exercise at all, and would like to improve your fitness but don’t know where to start?

Do you go by the adage “no pain, no gain” or “more is more” and wonder why you are always sore, injured, run down and don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

Answered yes?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you could benefit from the coaching of a Personal Trainer.

Personal training sessions are no longer just for the rich and famous. More and more people have realized the benefits of working with an experienced, certified personal fitness trainer or fitness coach to help them make the best use of their time and reach their health and fitness goals.

Contact me at or
+47 9075 4728 to get you back on track and arm you with the knowledge to change your life for the better. Have an excellent day and stay healthy!!

Benefits of personal training

Check out the ways in which we can work together to get your fitness and life goals accomplished!

Now Training out of Norway‘s most famous clubs, 24 Fitness Karl Johan and Harald’s Gym

Officially taking clients at BOTH Tommi’s 24 Fitness in Karl Johan and Harald’s Gym.

NO binding contracts

NO upfront fees

NO 25-50 packs required to be trained in the best gym for results, for success and for complete transformation.

I am very excited to announce that I am now operating International Personal Training from these two locations. They both couldn’t be easier to get to, and all budgets can be catered for. As a PT for over 15 years, I believe that service is everything. But I am also aware of the cost of having a trainer. I offer you to come have session with me, and at the end I’ll ask “what do you think a session like that is worth.”

I have been involved in the fitness industry long enough to know what the difference between good and great is. So put me to the test. And if combined with a customised diet I can’t get you to the look the way you want and feel they way you have always wanted, I’ll give you your money back. 15+ years experience and clients across 6 continents, I know you will be happy.

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TEAM VIKING – Teanna Born NABBA/WFF Fitness Model

TEANNA BORN has made an AMAZING debut in the NABBA/WFF Fitness Model QLD Titles. She came first in her Jnr division then went on to take out the overall. She then went onto the Nationals in Melbourne, where she once again took out her class and the overall.

Winning her place in the Australian Team she went onto South Africa where she won her class, the overall and her pro card. She then debuted in the pro league and made an amazing performance and WON the pro division. From amateur to pro in 3 shows! That’s how we do it. SHUT UP, SHOW UP & WIN!

Enjoy her journey on the road to success.

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TEAM VIKING – ACE Sutton on the Road to Victory at the INBA

ACE SUTTON has come back with some big improvements from season A shows. Placing 4th in INBA First Timers and 3rd in Novice in April 2015, he blew everyone away with his improvements.

Taking out INBA Novice and then WINNING Mens OPEN class 2!

Then taking is natural freaky physique to the next day into the NABBA QLD state titles and coming 2nd against the BIG boys in class 3.

Ace Sutton, on his road to the INBA QLD’s goes through a “fun” workout with the rubber bands. Get an idea on the intensity it takes to get ready for a show TEAM VIKING style! Big guy with BIG legs! Watch and enjoy

InTranceFormation Hypnotherapy

Is there something that is keeping you from achieving success or giving up a bad habit yet not sure what it is?

Have you got an issue or problem you really want to resolve, yet don’t know how or what to do?

Welcome to InTranceFormation Hypnotherapy. I am a conversational hypnotherapist that wants to help you help you! I won’t fix you, I will help you fix yourself. The most common thing I hear from my clients is that they have tried all the self-help books, yet feel like they don’t know how to actually help themselves.

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2014 Competition Season wrap up!

TEAM VIKING has had an amazing comp season. Starting with the NABBA/WFF QLD state titles. All but two were first timers to the stage and ALL did us very proud! Big congratulations to Brent Kiemann for taking out NABBA Opens Men’s Class 3 and Damiano Giammatteo for placing 3rd in NABBA Opens Men’s Class 1.

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