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I want our personal training sessions to be more than just me telling you to lift this and push that. It will be an eductation into using both your mind and body!

One on One

oneononeConfused or frustrated with your progress? Need a push to get you to lift that extra few kg’s? Want to go heavy but afraid without a good spotter? I offer all sorts of training, indoor, outdoor, strength and cardiovascular.
In the gym or at home, whatever suits you.

The real secret to weight loss (body fat reduction) is strength training. If you are doing the same exercise and weight every week you will most likely look the same next week and the week after. So we have to increase the size of your engine (muscles) and you will burn more fuel doing your day to day activities. A record of all your weights and reps will be kept so you can track your progress.

Service includes:

Initial 60 min induction includes:
Questions for goal setting, nutrition talk and instruction, blood pressure and girths, postural assessment, progress photos (on request).
Personal Training sessions are 45 -60 min 1-5 times a week depending on your goal.
These services are offered by most PT’s, but I’ll make sure you understand why they are important.

Upon request I’ll explain what your blood pressure measurement means and how to improve it. Establish a baseline set of girth measurements to see if you have made any gains or losses.

A postural assessment followed by explanation as to why they exist and how to improve them.
Armed with this information I will make sure you understand the results so you can evaluate your priorities and take steps with or without me to gain a better quality of life.

If some of these services are something that interests you then I would love to catch up for a chat and we can see what it is you’re after and what kind of steps you should take to achieve it.

I am more than willing to work within your PT budget and make sure there is an option for you. PT is an investment in your health and future, so I will make sure it is one that will return so much more than you could imagine.

To find out more contact me please.

Group Training

grouptraining1Want to train with some friends? Group training is a great way to share exercise with friends and family.
It’s also great for relationships as training with your partner brings you closer together.

After an hour working out together, it will feel great as you will all know what you just did, how hard you pushed it and the buzz you get from being flushed with endorphins. It is also very affordable as the more people that train, the cheaper it becomes for the individual.

Training can be both indoor and outdoor.
Whether it’s a high intensity circuit style session or a more concentrated rep for rep strength training session, you will learn a lot of new things.

Another advantage of training this way would be to learn how some new exercises, how to spot effectively and break through plateaus that training alone have created.

This is very popular for people that want the benefits of personal training as far as the knowledge, experience and safety, whilst also being more cost effective individually. This leads to more frequent training and faster results.

Service includes:

  • Initial 60 min induction to understand what everyone is after, likes and dislikes, injuries and other restrictions and most importantly what the ultimate goal you’d like to achieve,
  • Training sessions may range from 60-90 min, 1-5 times a week depending on your goal and number of participants.

Contest Preparation


Kristian Porthill never ceases to amaze me with his outstanding condition contest after contest.Backing up world class conditioning within the same year of competition is remarkable.It shows great determination, perseverance and knowledge. Keep up the great work Kris!” – Nick Jones, NABBA Mr World

With the contest calendar usually set for May or September/October shows there is nearly always a show to be prepping for. I know all the ins and outs of trying to incorporate day to day life into the hectic schedule that entering a contest can bring.

Sodium loading, carb loading, depletion, crap loading, clean carbs, shots of Jim Beam/Rum, jelly beans, niacin tabs etc. I’ve seen it all both here and internationally.

Hair spray, dream tan, hot stuff, contest colour, cooking spray, rollers or brushes where do you start? If these are things you would like to know more about then I’d love to help.

If this is your first show then let’s start off with a great first showing.
If you’re a seasoned veteran that is looking for that extra conditioning to get you over the top, then there are a lot of tips and secrets that I’d love to share with you.

My contest prep plans vary depending on how much you would like to get help with. Maybe you just need to be given a diet or you need someone to help with your posing. Or maybe you want a comprehensive pack that covers, diet, training, posing, tanning, and the infamous last week before you get on stage where it all can come undone.

Basic Diet Pack:

  • Initial 45 – 60 min consultation with follow up 30 min diet plan,
  • 20 week prep – with updates at weeks 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and the final week including progress photos, measurements and skin folds upon request.

Posing Session:

  • Includes symmetry, compulsories and free posing (routine),
  • Photos on request.
    $60 per session

Full Contest Prep Plan 20 weeks:

  • Initial 45 – 60 min consultation followed by 30 min diet plan,
  • 5 x 60 min training sessions, (additional sessions only $60 ea)
  • Posing practice and routine,
  • Diet updates and meetings for 20 week prep – with updates at weeks 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and the final week,
  • Progress photos, measurements and skin folds upon request,
  • Last week constant help and backstage help,
    $1,500 + 500 for each additional show (to be negotiated)

For more information about my competition prep, visit

Nutrition and Supplements

iict logo psd

ISSN Certified and Registered Sports Nutritionist

Want to know what to eat, and when to eat it? Want to go shopping and have the complex food labeling/contents explained?.

When it comes to diet it’s as simple as – Energy in, energy out. The scales need to balance and then the changes occur.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Nutrient timing is essential. Eat the right food at the wrong time and it is no longer the right food!

Service includes:

    • Initial 60 min food chat and food diary instruction, explanation on what certain foods do and how the body uses it,
    • Follow up 30 min adjustments and modifications based on progress.
      NOK 1200 – with additional updates NOK 500ea

Program Writing

Need a program to follow at your gym? Is your current program boring and not yielding results? There are often a lot of gyms with a lot of useless or non practical equipment. Sometimes trainers will give you a stock standard routine without really considering your goals.

I can help you arrange your work out plan to best suit your time and your ultimate goal.
I can offer variations so you never have to have the same work out twice. I can also give you variations on supersets and body part splits that will really give a shock to your body.

I’ll not only demonstrate how to use it, but explain why certain equipment is repetitive and therefore unnecessary. Most importantly I will explain to you which rep range will promote the best form of growth, when you need to use low reps/heavy weight and high reps/light.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy versus is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Lactate tolerance and how the burn may impede your strength/muscle building goals. “Peripheral heart action” and how to incorporate it into your training. Why good old “back and biceps” together in the same work out is counterproductive.

If any of these things interest you or you would like to learn some more successful world champion building advice then feel free to contact me to learn more.

Service includes:

    • Initial 60 min induction to discuss current training, contra-indications, goals, training preference/method/split,
    • 60 min (dependent on split) program show demonstrating exercise technique, sets and reps.
      NOK 1200 – including first training session (120min total), each additional session to the program is NOK 700

Motivational Speaking & Seminars

Kristian Porthill, The Viking - Corporate SpeakingI offer presentations or interactive seminars for people and groups wanting to promote and increase motivation and productivity within their workplace, school or business. I am also able to promote their facilities/products.

Through my years as a senior course presenter with the Australian Institute of Fitness and now my own school World PT Mentoring, I am able to deliver insightful and educational seminars on a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

As a successful multiple world champion and Australian Legend in bodybuilding, I can present on many topics with a unique perspective. I offer motivational presentations and provide tools for both groups and individuals to set and achieve goals.

Sometimes sitting and listening to someone talk may not be enough though. Maybe you would like your organisation to get a little hands on? Whether it’s simple games or more physical exercise challenges I’m sure I can help build rapport within a group as well as set up individuals to excel in performance in both work and home lives.

For more about corporate speaking please visit

Hypnotherapy for Motivation, Weightloss, Muscle Gain & Stop Smoking

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IICT Registered and Insured Professional Hypnotherapist

“Kris hypnotized me during our leg session, I didn’t even realise he was hypnotizing me, he was just talking to me as he usually does, when he stacked 3 plates a side on the bar for squats I thought he was crazy, I lifted it and was so surprised how easy it felt.” Abby Woods – IFBB Figure Ms Australia

Bodybuilders and athletes can get the edge over their competitors through clearing mind-blocks, the ultimate performance enhancement for the mind.

Changing the mindset and breaking old and ineffective patterns of training and diet can unlock amazing new potential. Not just for training, but for all things including stop smoking, overcoming break-ups, what ever could prevent you from being you and feeling amazing.

When starting a new training program, it’s important to know where you want to be at specific weeks. The unconscious mind is so overlooked in setting goals of weight loss and muscle gain, when in actual fact it’s your mind that dictates how far you will progress and how easy it will feel.

“When you pick up a weight, you have already made the choice of whether you will get the reps or not, and it’s your way of thinking that will continue to hamper your success until they are resolved.”

Your subconscious only ever wants the best for you, so why not talk directly to that inner voice that wants you to WIN. We can then destroy patterns of eating or cravings that lead to blowing your diet. It is possible and easy to motivate yourself into setting new PB’s in the gym and attack every workout with ultimate optimism.

Through training the mind we can clear motivational blocks, self-confidence issues, ongoing cravings, and kick start successful, consistent and continual progress on the road to victory in the following ways.

Clear blocks: the unconscious mind might have a block through lifelong negativity and emotional pain which can cripple successful body transformation. Things like no confidence, or a lack of patience are all things that can prohibit you from being happy.

Change patterns: Habitual patterns can be broken by re-training the mind. Stop smoking, stop cravings, stop all those things that are keeping you from being happy.

Increase motivation: the minds like a runaway horse, engaging it and training it means taking total control and harnessing its potential for unlimited positivity.

Focus on the future: by seeing yourself with the dream body you desire, or maybe even with the first place trophy you can ignite your unconscious mind for greater success.

Hypnosis Sessions are a one off meeting, with no need for multiple visits. As long as you want to change yourself, then I will help facilitate that change.

$250 per session (session length may range from 30min -2 hours depending on the individual)

For Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training

Grow Your PT Business consultancy and online business coaching

GYPTB success club RGB

At Grow Your PT Business, we offer 2 options to help take your PT Business to the next level!

Option No.1 – Grow Your PT Business Program: delivers weekly advice and information on how to grow your PT Business and yourself as a trainer.

The structure is very simple. Over the last 10 years I have developed many different training methods and more importantly sales methods. Some not so good, and others that have made me grow my PT business to the enterprise it is today.

I have worked in the personal training industry since 2001 and have been a Cert III & IV teacher since 2006. So I know the industry and its requirements very, very well. I also know the level of trainer graduating PT school vs the trainers that are making a 6 figure income.

So I developed this membership site that will give you new and innovative ways in which to develop yourself develop your business and grow your income.

Every month you will receive a series of emails that will cover the most important parts of making your business a success.

From experience and working with trainers, its more than just teaching them a new sales idea or a new exercise routine. So program works in a cycle of different areas over the course of 4 weeks.

#1 Business Builder

The 1st of the 4 is Business building advice. The most important thing about PT is that you structure your business to be capable of sustaining and growing beyond just you getting paid by the hour.

#2 Marketing and Sales Ideas

The 2nd of the 4 is Marketing and Sales ideas. This will be in the form of regular interviews with successful sales people, or helping you to tailor your sales methods to suit your market.

#3 Training and Nutrition

The 3rd of the 4 will be Training and nutrition advice. Demonstrating cool ideas and concepts to get the most out of each session, and your clients eating plan.

#4 Personal Development

The 4th of the 4 weeks will be personal development. I have had the fortune of working with motivational and personal growth specialists from around the world. An area that is much overlooked in PT is hypnosis and the way it can be used to not only expand your personal development, but also that of your clients.

Option No.2 – Grow Your PT Business Success Club

The Grow Your PT Business Success Club is an exclusive mentoring program for your PT business. The 12 month program will:

  • Identify your 6 figure business opportunity, based on the income and lifestyle you want, and your interests and experience
  • Research the business opportunity to see if it will be viable, to better understand what the market wants, identify your key competitors, and come up with a unique twist
  • Prepare a 12 month implementation plan, to keep you on track and accountable
  • Design your product range including an ascension model with backend designed to maximise your massive income
  • Build your products including help to outsource writing projects
  • Market your business both online and offline, including designing your marketing strategy, and training and feedback as you implement
  • Build your list, making it easy to become the authority in your niche, and quickly launch the sell new products to your existing members
  • Maximise conversions, from websites, emails, teleseminars, webinars, presentations, phone calls, etc
  • Leverage and outsource to make the business passive, if your goal is to work just a few hours a week
  • Monitor and fine tune to maximise income
  • Identify and address subconscious blockages that are preventing you from having 6-7 figure business

For more info visit

Certificate III & IV in Fitness through World Gym Personal Training Course

world pt course web ad

World Gym Personal Training was established with the sole purpose to provide trainers the absolute best opportunity to enter the fitness industry armed with the necessary tools to be a successful personal trainer. With so many trainers out there all ready and new ones coming along every year, you need to have the edge over them. World personal training has brought together industry professionals that have excelled in their fitness careers and can’t wait to educate and motivate the new breed of trainers.

Our lectures – The REAL Industry leaders

All of our presenters are current successful personal trainers that have a broad range of industry experience. Many courses claim to be taught by leaders in the fitness industry. But how many courses can claim to have the likes of Lindy Olsen – Miss World and Oxygen magazine, Jon Davie -Olympia competitor and Kristian Porthill – Mr Universe and Mr World.


No other course provider can offer the facilities the World personal training offers. There is no substitute for training and learning in a working facility. PT Studios and Online courses don’t offer you the range, variety and quality equipment to apply practical applications for different client scenarios.

Worlds Gym Ashmore

All lecturing and practical sessions will be done in the Gold Coasts most Iconic training facility. Trainees will be instructed by leading personal trainers and exercise physiologists in the environment most of their careers will be in… A REAL GYM.

Course Content

World Gym Personal Training course content is designed to meet and surpass the Industry standard of other RTO’s. Our goal is to not only cover that with which the governing bodies deem minimal for entry level PT, but teach you to be above and beyond in areas. This will be the difference between being just another PT to being an awesome WORLD CLASS Personal Trainer. We have included extra things such as Nutrition, supplementation, marketing and social media optimisation to give you the winning edge.

For more information visit: