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The Viking’s 9 Secrets to Success

How the Viking became a Legend

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In this, Kristian shows 9 principles he used to dominate the bodybuilding scene for many years. The ideas, strategies and principles of smart, hard training are not just applicable to winning world titles. They can be used as powerful tools to a successful business and an amazing life. They will also help you set goals and give you the confidence to conquer the world in whatever field you desire.

From Kristian’s book, 9 Secrets to Success – How the Viking became a Legend

“In my case I knew I didn’t physically have the best genetics compared to others like the Pros from America. There were actual physical limitations on how big I could make my body. However this was not the reason to give up. In fact I viewed this as an opportunity. I had an advantage!

How could inferior genetics be an advantage you ask? Is it a coincidence that immigrants to Australia are 4 times more likely to be millionaires than those born in Australia? A foreigner without the standard accepted education, grasp of the English language and other advantages to that of a native born citizen, will be more successful. How? Attitude! Imagine the genetically gifted person in the gym, they train, and socialise, they seem to grow no matter how incorrectly they train. I had to work 10 times harder to get the same results. I gave up the social life that others were so used to, and studied every training method to find the ones that are most effective for people with genetics similar to mine.

My attitude was that I had to work hard. I had read about other athletes who overcame great adversities. People like Lance Armstrong overcoming cancer or NBA player Alonzo Mourning having a kidney transplant. I studied people in the business world who started with nothing and became hugely successful and respected the world over such as Chris Gardner, the man the movieThe Pursuit of Happyness” was based on.

The people, who are born into wealth, are rarely able to maintain or grow their fortune as much as the person that started it from scratch. I was hungry. Hungry for knowledge and knew that only hard work would get it for me.”

Press Releases

Australian Ironman magazine

2009 Vol. 16 No. 11, p146-153
Vance Ang, editor of the magazine
interviewed Kris on the phone.

Australian MuscleMag

These articles were from regular articles written for Australian Muscle Magazine.

Australia, 2012-2013

NRK Norwegian TV

June 2009
Kristian appeared on Norwegian TV interviewed after winning Mr Universe.

Shanghai Talk magazine

September 2009
Kristian lived in Shanghai for 3 years where he worked as a personal trainer. The Shanghai Talk expat magazine reported about his very successful competition year of 2009.

Tidens Krav

Daily newspaper in Kristiansund, Norway, June, 30th 2009. p15.
Kris had a family reunion in Norway after winning his Mr Universe title in Germany.