Group sessions at World Gym Ashmore

I’m running group sessions with minimum of 3 people at World Gym Ashmore. The group sessions are 1 hour long and focus on different body parts. I have a sign up sheet at the gym and you can contact me for more information. The different sessions target individual muscle groups ie leg session, chest session, back session, arm session etc. If you need some new ideas and are looking to add some intensity to your training, then these are the sessions for you.


Now at World Gym Ashmore!

Great news. I am now doing personal training from World Gym on the Gold Coast in Ashmore, the best physique and body building gym on the coast to train at. If you are serious about seeing changes in your body and getting the physique you’ve dreamed of, then contact me on 0438 367 866.

I am looking forward to working with people for general fitness as well as contest preparation.

If anyone is interested in getting some tips and secrets to getting a world class physique for only $30 per person, contact me on 0438 367 866 or

Aneta Sliedecka

2011 end of year contest success

Congratulations to the awesome athletes who made me so proud at the massive October shows. I am honoured to have helped out so many great body builder and figure competitors. You all did so great and really made some amazing changes and progress.

NABBA/WFF Queensland Titles
NABBA Novice Figure Linda Dobszay – 1st Place
NABBA Physique Anne Sievers – 1st Place
WFF Class 3 Lee Davies – 2nd place
WFF Class 2 Oskar Sarkans – 1st Place
WFF Class 1 Aneta Siedlecka – 1st Place & Overall

IFBB Queensland Titles
Figure Aneta Siedlecka – 1st Place

NABBA/WFF National Titles
NABBA Novice Figure Linda Dobszay – 1st Place
WFF Class 1 Tom Brown – 3rd Place

What an awesome acheivement. Looking forward to a big year next year with an even bigger team for the Southern Hemisphere Titles. If anyone is interested in getting ready for their first show or needs some help making some improvements on their last showing, please contact me ASAP. We need to start getting the plans in place to make 2012 even better!!